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~~boo's small world~~

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1/28/07 06:48 pm - 1st Day of Uni....

Well it was my second week to uni but the classes started off only today. Everything is pretty strict and stressful, as the professors say so...:My 'Academic Writting' professor seems strict but she allows food n drink in class :P and tht class is full of arabs except for Denzil[from school]. In my BIS and Eco group i almost have our whole group with me: Jaffer, Luvai, Ridwan and Abeer[for Eco].
Its really nice so far, i met alot of my old friends, made plenty of new ones but for now mainly our whole group hangs around together. Today it was mostly me and Ridwan as the rest of the group hadn't come due to Muharram or had different classes. Ridwan is another character....very naughty and has already tagged me as the 'HP Ambassador!' because i was trying to promote HP over the other companies, the other day. 

Today was pretty tiring because of the 4 hour long gap that most of us had. We just went around the whole place and that has resulted in a foot pain! Mehir helped me change my timetable to shift one class up to fill in the gap. The rest seems good except for this sad Korean 'Kim Jong' professor[Eco] who annoys the shit outta me. All 3 professors went on about the academic rules, coming late to class, plagiarism...the english teacher practically made us sign a paper, that we understand the rules about plagiarism or else get kicked out!!!

Spotted a few hotties too JJ

..: boo :..

1/21/07 07:55 pm - “Orientation week”

Friday: Parent-student orientation where my whole khandhan came along. We met up with Abeer and her parents, spoke endlessly! Bumped into some guy!


Saturday: TOEFL test….full of anxiety.

The following days are gonna be fun with all the placement tests and the registration of classes but the main highlight of the week was today’s:

..: boo :..

1/16/07 11:22 pm - Disasters of the world and mind….

My exam was awesome!!!!Thanks to all who helped me…my mind feels free now…I feel freeeee…Bio can go to hell now for the rest of my life..i think!:P


Well yesterday I was sitting in the lounge when suddenly Sanaa came running to the fone wid her cell. Upon asking her if everything was ok, she showed me this sms she received from our eldest sister saying, “U big asshole. O I know u now. U rat cat fat.” Whoa….i didn’t know doing internship in the ER department could drive u nuts to this extent! *lolz*


In another news, dad was telling me the other day that in China they are investigating a research on how snakes could be used to predict earthquakes cause apparently they change in behavior when an earthquake is about to hit the region.

Dad: “So are they gonna have snakes everywhere now!!!!??”

..: boo :..

1/10/07 04:22 pm - From 0666 to 9046

Finally finally finally the 10th of Jan and i am almost done with Bio for the rest of my life!!! All my papers went well except for the fact that Unit 3 was too long and boring and required common sense which i don't have! Last night i realised that there was an extra unit 3 exam, 'Written Alternative' mentioned in my statement of entry which means one more exam on the 16th!!...I am really confused coz today that lady after arguments told me that my coursework will not be carried forward as per the rule of British Council and i will also have to do the Written Alternative exam which was upsetting because courseworks help to increase marks.
Well sadly my candidate number has been change from the Devil's '666' to '9046' :C

Atleast the biggest burden is off  my head!!yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

..: boo :..


1/8/07 03:29 pm - In the lift...

This afternoon in the lift; A conversation between a child[girl] and her maid:

Maid: Why don't u eat anything????
Girl: *wonders*
Maid: U want me to make u spagetti?
Girl: Noo
Maid: Macaroni..
Girl: Nooo
Maid: Then what do u want!!!
Girl: I want Noodles.....!!

I wonder what stupid shit i must have done when i was a kid

..: boo :..

1/6/07 11:40 am - 18-Dayz-Of-Fun

Well finally back to Dubai! It was one of the best trips ever. I had soo much of fun along with alot of problems to handle too. I did not wanna come back to Dubai...everyone was crying when we were departing...even the guys had tears!!! Its so difficult to get back to the normal routine now...i was chatting with one of my couzin's online and he was like, "this morning i woke up and i thought u guyz were in the lawn". And every kid i see anywhere reminds me of Mustafa. 

Well haven't had time to think about the New Year resolutions...*thinking*

..: boo :..

1/4/07 07:24 am

2nd Day of Eid was great. We went to my Khala's house[2 khala's married in same house] for Bar-B-Q. It was fun...everything was different...they live in a villa so i kept going up and down everywhere enjoying the different things about that place. It was really cold up in the terrace. I met my cuzin who was my best friend once. I was a lil scared there coz i had heard real witch stories...we clicked a lot of pics wth the whole family.


3rd Day of Eid was pretty boring….all at home the whole day except when we left home at 10 in the night and went to some ‘Abdullah Shaghazi’s tomb’. I don’t really know the story of this guy but after climbing a few steps there were graves of related people and finally at the top was his coffin where people were putting flowers and kissing-God-knows-what. I was just standing at one corner trying to get down as soon as possible because it was night time and being around graves was freaky.


This is the first time in life I’ve done a lot of things for the first time. For example; non-stop shopping which I hate, 2nd is I’ve become FAT!...my mamu has been force feeding us sweets and everything possible in excess since day 1.


..: boo :..

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1/1/07 09:54 am

Well fun fun fun. Yesterday was chand raat and we had gone down to play with our Bakras. All the bakras were going crazy....the one i had held with the rope went running and i was dragged along with him..it was quite embarassing coz alot of ppl were watching like some film was being shot. My khala applied henna on his tummy..she wrote my pet name in bold and huge letters, "BOO". When all the bakra story was over, we were out walking towards the tailor when suddenly heard gun shots so loud. It was 12 Midnight!!2007!!yayy!!...but freaky coz they were GUN SHOTS! Lat night was pretty loong..all of us were awake till 5 in the morning putting henna.

Today was another story day. Not even half a day is over and soo much has happened:
Dad's story: He woke up at 8 for the Eid namaaz. Went from one mosque to another to catch a prayer. Then finally found a mosque and when asked people if the prayer was for Eid namaaz, they said yes so he entered the mosque but soon realised that it was a prayer for either the bhori ppl or some community of the shi'as!! Then later he came back home but no1 would open the door coz every1 was sleeping so he had to sit under the building for almost 3 hours.
My story: Was woken up like someone had died to watch the bakras being cut!!lolz..so i made my self get up and went down to wach but our bakras had been untouched and it didn't seem like they were gonna be cut in the next few hours. So i found my dad sitting down waiting for some1 to wake up so he could enter the house. We all came back up and since every1 was sleeping i went online for sometime and then decided to sleep again. So i went to bed and when it was actually time for me to be off to sleep Nazia, the maid woke me up like some earthquake had struck!!She said my mamu wanted me to watch the bakras being cut. So again i got out of bed, went down and saw the slautering. I was a lil disgusted but felt so bad for the poor bakras.

So far an exciting day and a good way to begin New Year....i hope i get more Eidi!

..: boo :..  

12/30/06 06:03 pm - Eid greetings for the dead?

Eid greetings for the dead?
Saddam was executed early morning on Dec 30, 2006
I never liked this guy but i still thought such a thing on Eid was wrong. What can i say....

..: boo :..

12/26/06 03:24 pm - Oil and Protein treatment a.k.a Torture treatment!!

Yesterday i had a mixture of everything. Late in the afternoon our  family[sisters and mom],my khala and mamu's wife had gone to the saloon for an oil and protein hair treatment. Ghosh!! I swore never to go to any saloon ever again..the massage was like some1was trying to pull all my hair out from its roots...i kept whinning but no use..tht lady wouldn't slow down...then after the steam when she came to apply protein, again i requested her to be slower but no use..finally during the hair wash i just couldn't stand it and started crying! The whole saloon was laughing at me including my own family..i was feeling so baad..n i just couldn't stop crying prolly because i hadn't cried for a week. It was jus soo bad and on top of tht the saloon workers thought that i was crying coz i lost a lot of hair in the whole process!

Later in the evening we went to the highway for dinner which is approx 2 hours from Clifton. So we dropped my 2 sisters to some Mehndi occasion and then carried on to the highway. I was forced to attend the occasion but i preffered staying with my khala and mamu and we had loads of fun especially with little Mustafa being around everywhere. It was freezing..we sat in the open huts with sweaters and scarfs...the food was awesome. Later on at about 2 in the morning we went back to pick my sisters up from the occasion and i was disappointed to know that i had missed out on Fuzon, Strings, Najam Shiraz, Moin Akhtar n many more..thankGod Atif Aslam hadn't come!

Eid is logically supposed to be on the 29th but its gonna be on the 31st here in Pakistan. This year's Hajj is 'Hajj-e-Akbar'. My sisters are already planning to extend our stay here...and i'm sure no1 would mind that coz thts what usually happens when we come here and besides me and my two elder sisters have no exams so we might join them even later in Dubai.

..: boo :..
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