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~~boo's small world~~

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11/8/07 12:12 am - Going 4 Hajj

Last week in uni...its a very hectic week...i've been goin back home at almost 7 in the evening...being there from 8 in the morning. I have to like submit most of the assignments and study for my exams before hand because i'l be off for HAJJ on the 11th...nd wud be back just a day before my first exam prolly on 24th or 25th.

I am not even prepared for Hajj...i dont even know what we have to do there...which is a shame....just got myself injected Influenza vaccine 2 days back...nd ouch my left hand still hurts.

Uni is going goin...sometimes the same old shit happnes that puts my mood off but ah...i've got better things and better friends to worry about then people who dont give a damn..

This semester for the first time we had to do a debate....and obviously i was nervous...i toook the paper to class to read out...but guess what happened when i had to present my arguments to convince an audience of many...i spilled out everything that was in my head hardly looking at the paper...gawsh it was amazing and i got 8.5/10...how kewl is that!!yayy
Nd on Sunday my first ever presentation is there for which i will have to dress up professionaly in formal outfit...unfortunately i dont have a coat so will jus wear a black jacket but am nervous about it....its on my dad's company a project for my management course(qba-quantitative business analysis)

These days our uni's student centre sucks...i hardly ever go there...i'm alwayz in the library coz many ppl especially all the boys go to play counter strike...how annoying!...nd i pass my time playing JET MAN on facebook...its amazing..try challenging me....

I miss all my friends but i wont be able to meet any...firstly because i wont be in town nd secondly when i come back i have exams....ah well...but i still believe where theres a will...theres a way...

..: boo :..

11/3/07 10:54 pm - The weather is here again...

The most awaited season is back...the weather is gettin better and better...
I just love the rain...it makes me feel nice but very nostalgic...i duno for some reason after quite some time i was missing Yousuf alot...same was last year when he was busy with school...nd this year bzy in Lahore...hope hes doing great...

Uni is going fine...i've been messing arnd a bit too much at times...so much is hapening...nd study wise..its screwd nd good too...

My sister's convocation is on Thursday...finally she wud get her MBBS degree...hope she does coz this stupid GMC is neva gona progress...they r like demanding 10,000 if u want the degree...go 2 hell!!

Taking my leave 2 study eco...

..: boo :..
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10/10/07 11:14 pm - I'm Backkkk

Hieee lj…..
Gawsh I’m updating after like ages….I only like reading coz I have nothing to write about…
Well this semester hasn’t been great at all….everything is pretty slow and boring and sad…not much fun…I met aloooot of new friends….all amazing and fun to be with…although I’m a lil senior to them…..
Today for the first time ever I did bowling…thanks to Harris(this new frend) who made me try his turn yesterday with the lightest weight ball (7). And so today the first half of the game, playing with professionals I got the highest score and then I dunno wat happened, at the end I was the second lowest!!! :-(
My exams haven’t gone so fine…I duno its krazzzyy….4 exams and all of them I got only a 70%, 73%, 75% and 77%.....70 being the pass grade…
In another news i got a new hair style.....i jus love it....its got a baby look...steps wid bangs....everyone loves it!!!=D yipppee

Eids just around the corner…I can’t wait to get my small hands decorated!!

Today is Danu’s birthday…I wish I got him on the fone...but his stupid uni lectures…pfftt SO here’s a lil livejournal wish to him:

..: boo :..

4/3/07 08:16 pm - Spring break…..and School memories

Well the spring break has kicked off with an unexpected awesome start. Going out all day, shopping, relaxing, enjoying the awesome weather, watching movies is a lot of fun, something that I really needed after the long hard stress AUS had instilled in me.


Finally I got a chance to go to school and as decided I was supposed to go tomorrow but ended up going today. So I messaged Danu in the afternoon telling him and told him to keep it a secret from Yousuf coz I wanted to surprise him *blushes*. I reached around 12:45ish and went straight to the Library where I met Natasha .P. and Cheryl too…*squashes Cheryl’s cheeks*. On my way to the bio class I peeped into the Chem class where I saw Yousuf’s and Abhishek’s back, sitting right under the teacher’s nose! These nerds I tell u…:P The biology class was going on when I entered but yea I obviously distracted everyone’s attention. I was thrilled to see Denise [my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me] who came jumping to me outside the class, met Manorah, Irma, Insiya, Nisha and Mrs. Lata Cherian. Finally when it struck 1:15 we all went out to the Basketball field where I met Jenny[damn we practically live so close and hardly meet:-( n she’s become more cuter now!], Ashani, Natasha.k[she’s still so hot]


And as I was eagerly waiting to meet Yousuf a.k.a DD and almost ate everyone’s head to walk fast to the Football gate, I finally met the Prince!…damn I wish I could be with him everyday… . I met Danu who lifted me off the ground like I was some two-year old chicken, met my bhaiyya Abhishek. And it was finally time for everyone to go back home:-(….got dropped off by my bodyguard Danu to my car.


I got too many compliments and complaints from several people today:

“omg…u’ve become so thin and ur voice has changed..it’s become more mature”- Natasha.P.

ur voice and accent has changed….u’ve become prettier”- Cheryl

“u talk to him everyday!:@ and still impatiently want to meet him!” Denise referring to Yousuf

“u have lunch with him everyday and hardly talk to us….and u’re running to meet him!”-Manorah referring to Yousuf

“oh btway.. u looked really cuuuute today!.. omg.. sabah. ur skin is glowing even.. and ur lookin all happy.. and u know why "- Ashani

“Don’t go out of the house looking like Preity Ziinta”- Mom on my way to Mega Mall…I considered that a compliment!:P

..: boo :..

3/6/07 12:04 pm - Part of my life…gone away

Well since university started I was planning to give away my turtle to my sister’s friend because I was sorta neglecting him and thought it was best he was in a place where he would enjoy and taken better care off. Well weeks kept passing and someone or the other had some work to do so the task kept getting delayed and that made me happier because having something for 3 years is very difficult to give up in a go.

So yesterday evening when I woke up, I went on with my normal routine when my dad came and asked me: “Do u know that ur turtle is gone?”….*shocked*…Dad told me that mom and sister went and gave away my turtle with stupid excuses as to why they couldn’t tell me about it!..i was really pissed off and almost broke down. I feel so horrible especially today coz this morning the turtle actually woke up in the morning and kept looking at me and ate what I feed him too. Aww I felt so nice..because he’s usually always asleep and doesn’t eat much. 

I cant believe my cruel sister and mom gave it away! Couldn’t they think about me! He was like my own little baby!



..: boo :..

2/23/07 03:47 pm - A little drop goes a long way….

Well earlier this week I had gone for volunteering in the “Blood Donation” campaign held at the AUS health centre. It was nice to see a lot of people waiting in queues to donate blood. Unfortunately I couldn’t donate because of my weight and low hemoglobin level.


Yesterday was a horrible day for me. I was awake for almost 19 hours. Well just dunno really what made me so upset since morning yesterday, people kept asking me and all I kept doing was turning them away. Maybe I just knew what was putting me down… I had my first Eco mid term yesterday and thanks to a few people through whom I found out that my professor usually has half of his class failing the entire course! Well the mid-term turned out to be soo hard that I was in tears on my way home. I didn’t quite know the reason for all those tears, if it really were because of Eco or just something else…*sigh*


The best part about the evening was attending a Punjabi “mehndi” wedding ceremony. It was nice to see the different culture and their tradition, the music played by the non-Punjabi Dj was awesome. AND I spotted my BIS professor there!!!I was all shocked and surprisingly his mom turned out to be my sisters Quran class, class-mate!. So my usual self went to him and went on about all my uni problems and his freaking me out and a lot of good advice was received. I introduced my entire family to him and it was nice to hear that he proudly respected my dad for dropping and picking me up almost all the time. He gave me a lot of advice and news about the stuff in business that doesn’t even show up in the newspapers [e.g abt why the Emaar ppl had problems..etc..]  And the best part about the whole thing was that his wife has given me full authority to buzz her whenever he tries to be rude or freaks me out!:P


..: boo :..

2/18/07 08:05 pm - Go wow with Vista!!

So take this wine and drink with me. Lets delay our misery


Today was the launch of Microsoft Vista and MS Office in the main AUS Auditorium. I had no such plans to go but since I passed by I thought I’d take a peek and see what was it all about. Well due to a few friends, my greedy self attended the meeting just for 20 minutes because there was a chance to win some new technology crap. So I went, we all got green “MS Office and Vistas printed bandanas”….some refreshments upon showing the voucher that included this really huge Subway sandwich, which obviously I didn’t eat.   

And the usual Sunday’s when I have a BIS quiz, I had made sure this time not to go online or visit any live journal just before the quiz but even then the mcq’s turned out to be a disaster but my Thursday’s Eco quiz grades were released today, n I was really happy!!J


Yesterday was my 1st Valentines date….no more details will be shared!


..: boo :..

2/9/07 02:30 pm - The Red Rose Week….

Ghosh!....where to start…its been like more than a week since I’ve seen the face of lj…each week passes by so fast[coz there’s a lot of work to do and time just flies by].


University is going pretty fine….with a lot of quizzes and assignments each week and yea I wasn’t really able to maintain the ‘C’ grade in my 1st Math quiz which was sad and a lil disheartening but any how there’s always a next time. Denzil, the other day was telling me that we ‘British curriculum’ students would find it difficult to adjust to the American standard of the writing class because it’s a lot different from the British system which was one reason why he had to repeat his English course in the 2nd semester.

Met a lot of amazing friends..including hotties….n kewl people…already got a treat from bunny bear…hehe…and yea some people are just after my life to get me ragged!!ARgh!!!when the hell is it getting over!!!!


The coming week seems to be exciting, we all know why….everyone [Only girls I suppose…]is supposed to wear red on the 14th but unfortunately I have all colors except for RED! I was asked out for an “official date” just yesterday, it was sorta unexpected but it seemed like I pushed it to happen! Oops!*blushes* hehe…..and so I’m supposed to turn down ‘cute boy’, if he asks me too; shd I really turn him down??….can’t I go with him too!?!?L…and just for fun I got an ‘over seas date’ earlier this week [Jaffer] and its funny coz both of us r planning to ditch each other, there u go…haven’t I ditched him already!? :P


..: boo :..

2/1/07 11:41 pm - 1st week....

Not a very good start I must say….all’s been alright and just boring. University seems to get boring each day I enter the student centre…jus sitting and waiting for my turn to get ragged….Abeer keeps pushing the ragging part in even though I’ve escaped a lot of times, jus coz she and the rest of the group got ragged already. One guy[our grp member] had to stand on one foot and sing, “Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam…”*how embarrassing* And yes, the raggers already have me on their minds, thanx to Abeer…so yea I’m the next in line…I just hope I don’t have to sing songs or dance for them!!


Today was a seemingly warm, quiet and meeting day. My once-upon-a-time best friends[Yara and Alex] came from Yemen to meet us at AUS and was glad to meet them after like almost 2 years. Even met Hamdan and Ali naeem who bunked school….met Zaeem who used to be in my Maths class once upon a time…met Mohammad Nabee too….so basically it was a meeting day today. AND yea not to forget the great Zinda who came over from uni today….i had a great time with her….just when I needed someone to talk to….we spoke a lot about “our” stuff. It was kewl, my sister was enjoying her b-day party while me n zin were jus moving around the place clicking endless pics of ourselves and yea our endless talkies...

It was just the first week and already assignments, tutorials and quizzes this coming week….i already feel too stressed out coz its getting harder for me to adjust to this uni. Hope everything goes alrite…..hope something good happens soon…I can only “hope”. 
Well the pics weren't uploading due to some problem with the lj......

..: boo :..


1/28/07 08:49 pm - Its all coming back...

Well...just when i thought of dumping the past in the garbage..it came running back to me...
Earlier this week i met jaffer who's in the group and found it very difficult to even call him jaffer...or when anyone would talk about jaffer i would be like, "Which Jaffer"..It was crazzy..but today when i just thought of forgetting the past....i was online when suddenly out of the blue jaffer said, "Hi"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND i was like whoa....i had to hold myself a few minutes before even reacting....it was crazzy..so we went on to talk about my uni..n too many questions i had to ask him...once again we shared a few of our love life secrets...some untold secrets too...*sigh*.....we spoke a bit and at the end he was like, "Keep in touch!"...how could i not keep in touch with a best firend....He seemed really home sick from the way he was talking...wish i could go run there and hug him...

..: boo :..

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