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Spring break…..and School memories

Well the spring break has kicked off with an unexpected awesome start. Going out all day, shopping, relaxing, enjoying the awesome weather, watching movies is a lot of fun, something that I really needed after the long hard stress AUS had instilled in me.


Finally I got a chance to go to school and as decided I was supposed to go tomorrow but ended up going today. So I messaged Danu in the afternoon telling him and told him to keep it a secret from Yousuf coz I wanted to surprise him *blushes*. I reached around 12:45ish and went straight to the Library where I met Natasha .P. and Cheryl too…*squashes Cheryl’s cheeks*. On my way to the bio class I peeped into the Chem class where I saw Yousuf’s and Abhishek’s back, sitting right under the teacher’s nose! These nerds I tell u…:P The biology class was going on when I entered but yea I obviously distracted everyone’s attention. I was thrilled to see Denise [my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me] who came jumping to me outside the class, met Manorah, Irma, Insiya, Nisha and Mrs. Lata Cherian. Finally when it struck 1:15 we all went out to the Basketball field where I met Jenny[damn we practically live so close and hardly meet:-( n she’s become more cuter now!], Ashani, Natasha.k[she’s still so hot]


And as I was eagerly waiting to meet Yousuf a.k.a DD and almost ate everyone’s head to walk fast to the Football gate, I finally met the Prince!…damn I wish I could be with him everyday… . I met Danu who lifted me off the ground like I was some two-year old chicken, met my bhaiyya Abhishek. And it was finally time for everyone to go back home:-(….got dropped off by my bodyguard Danu to my car.


I got too many compliments and complaints from several people today:

“omg…u’ve become so thin and ur voice has’s become more mature”- Natasha.P.

ur voice and accent has changed….u’ve become prettier”- Cheryl

“u talk to him everyday!:@ and still impatiently want to meet him!” Denise referring to Yousuf

“u have lunch with him everyday and hardly talk to us….and u’re running to meet him!”-Manorah referring to Yousuf

“oh btway.. u looked really cuuuute today!.. omg.. sabah. ur skin is glowing even.. and ur lookin all happy.. and u know why "- Ashani

“Don’t go out of the house looking like Preity Ziinta”- Mom on my way to Mega Mall…I considered that a compliment!:P

..: boo :..

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