petite_boo (petite_boo) wrote,

I'm Backkkk

Hieee lj…..
Gawsh I’m updating after like ages….I only like reading coz I have nothing to write about…
Well this semester hasn’t been great at all….everything is pretty slow and boring and sad…not much fun…I met aloooot of new friends….all amazing and fun to be with…although I’m a lil senior to them…..
Today for the first time ever I did bowling…thanks to Harris(this new frend) who made me try his turn yesterday with the lightest weight ball (7). And so today the first half of the game, playing with professionals I got the highest score and then I dunno wat happened, at the end I was the second lowest!!! :-(
My exams haven’t gone so fine…I duno its krazzzyy….4 exams and all of them I got only a 70%, 73%, 75% and 77%.....70 being the pass grade…
In another news i got a new hair style.....i jus love it....its got a baby look...steps wid bangs....everyone loves it!!!=D yipppee

Eids just around the corner…I can’t wait to get my small hands decorated!!

Today is Danu’s birthday…I wish I got him on the fone...but his stupid uni lectures…pfftt SO here’s a lil livejournal wish to him:

..: boo :..
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