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The weather is here again...

The most awaited season is back...the weather is gettin better and better...
I just love the makes me feel nice but very nostalgic...i duno for some reason after quite some time i was missing Yousuf alot...same was last year when he was busy with school...nd this year bzy in Lahore...hope hes doing great...

Uni is going fine...i've been messing arnd a bit too much at much is hapening...nd study wise..its screwd nd good too...

My sister's convocation is on Thursday...finally she wud get her MBBS degree...hope she does coz this stupid GMC is neva gona progress...they r like demanding 10,000 if u want the degree...go 2 hell!!

Taking my leave 2 study eco...

..: boo :..
Tags: uni, yousuf
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