petite_boo (petite_boo) wrote,

Going 4 Hajj

Last week in uni...its a very hectic week...i've been goin back home at almost 7 in the evening...being there from 8 in the morning. I have to like submit most of the assignments and study for my exams before hand because i'l be off for HAJJ on the 11th...nd wud be back just a day before my first exam prolly on 24th or 25th.

I am not even prepared for Hajj...i dont even know what we have to do there...which is a shame....just got myself injected Influenza vaccine 2 days back...nd ouch my left hand still hurts.

Uni is going goin...sometimes the same old shit happnes that puts my mood off but ah...i've got better things and better friends to worry about then people who dont give a damn..

This semester for the first time we had to do a debate....and obviously i was nervous...i toook the paper to class to read out...but guess what happened when i had to present my arguments to convince an audience of many...i spilled out everything that was in my head hardly looking at the paper...gawsh it was amazing and i got 8.5/ kewl is that!!yayy
Nd on Sunday my first ever presentation is there for which i will have to dress up professionaly in formal outfit...unfortunately i dont have a coat so will jus wear a black jacket but am nervous about it....its on my dad's company a project for my management course(qba-quantitative business analysis)

These days our uni's student centre sucks...i hardly ever go there...i'm alwayz in the library coz many ppl especially all the boys go to play counter annoying!...nd i pass my time playing JET MAN on facebook...its amazing..try challenging me....

I miss all my friends but i wont be able to meet any...firstly because i wont be in town nd secondly when i come back i have exams....ah well...but i still believe where theres a will...theres a way...

..: boo :..
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